Well hello there!

Thanks for checking out my collection! A few things-

  1. I’m not a food photographer as you’ll quickly discover! Most of these photos were taken seconds before consumption. Miss Piggy is pretty much my spirit animal, so if it’s posted it’s delicious.

  2. Organic is important to me because it means the food wasn’t sprayed with glyphosate. Pesticides are on our radar for produce but they’re used on a lot of others crops too—often right before harvest to get them to mature. Look for organic nuts, seeds, legumes and grains if you can. Even better, shop locally and ask questions.

  3. If you’re having digestive issues legumes and grains may not be right for you unless they are soaked or sprouted. Possibly not until you heal.

  4. A few of these recipes are happy accidents, but most have been adapted from somewhere else. I encourage you to experiment, improvise and have fun. This is how I fell in love with cooking and is one of my secrets to healthy living. 

Cheers to your health,

XO Evelyn 

A Quick NoteEvelyn Crawford