Evelyn Crawford, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

How I went from being a constant dieter and bingeing multiple times a week, to having a body that I respect and love.


Long before I was a Holistic Nutritionist, long before I was helping others, there was a girl totally disconnected from her body. A girl who fixated on losing weight so she could finally be happy. Yes, that girl was me. I was relentlessly either trying to lose weight or thinking about it. The number of ‘final cheat meals’ before beginning the next diet was somewhere in the dozens. And the guilt and shame that went along with feeling out of control…was completely exhausting.

My desire to heal sparked a passion for health and wellness…

but my efforts were still met with mental sabotage. Do you ever feel like you KNOW what you should be eating, but you get lost in the moment overeating and craving all the ‘wrong’ things? Mindset and emotional eating are two of the biggest (and least talked about!) factors in weight management. Comfort/stress eating and stifling emotions with food and drinks is a huge societal problem - most of us don’t even know we do it! We also don’t WANT an unbalanced relationship with these things so it’s easy to deny and stay blind. Feeling out of control increases overwhelm and change can start to feel impossible. If you are reading this nodding your head, I can assure you there is hope. You can 100% achieve freedom from on-again-off-again dieting and get your weight down at the same time. No crazy restrictions, feeling deprived or never having fun at parties - promise!

What I’ve learned is that the strongest thoughts and habits will light us up, bring us back to life and heal us. Weaker thoughts and habits make us depressed, sick and overwhelmed.

There is hope!

You CAN break the cycle…and still enjoy your wine and chocolate. :) Joyously living at your balanced weight is NOT at odds with eating amazingly delicious food and a non-restrictive approach.

Fun facts:

1. The way and the space in which we talk to ourselves and about ourselves is key to our success.

2. We have been conditioned to overeat and we can be conditioned not to.

3. The hormones that tell us when we’re hungry and full can be completely out of whack - this is reversible!

4. You too can discover the magic of feeling completely at home in your body.


You can learn how to fuel your body and mind so it becomes second nature…no drama. And I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s not about willpower. You too can develop the skills and knowledge to permanently change how you treat your body, so you never have to worry about being out of control again.


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You can 100% get your nutrition habits under control. It’s not about willpower; it’s about mindset, programming and biology. 


A bit about me:

The travel bug is in my veins...I spent 9+ years flying the friendly skies as a Flight Attendant.

My adventurer husband constantly gets me out into nature which keeps me grounded

I adore singing and dancing my heart out, regardless of skill!

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