Evelyn Crawford, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

How I went from being a constant dieter and ‘falling off’ multiple times a week to feeling connected in a body that I respect and love.


Long before I was a Holistic Nutritionist and helping others, I was disconnected from the one home we ever truly have to live in…my body. I constantly fixated on losing weight so I could ‘finally’ be happy. I was relentless—the number of final cheat meals before beginning the next diet was somewhere in the dozens. And the guilt and shame that went along with feeling out of control…was depressing and exhausting.

My desire to heal sparked a passion for health and wellness…

but my efforts were still met with sabotage. Do you ever feel like you know what you should be eating, but you get lost in the moment when you want what you want? Mindset and emotional eating are two of the biggest unaddressed factors in healthy lifestyle. Comfort/stress eating and dulling emotions with food and drinks is a popular coping mechanism—most of us don’t even know we do it. We also don’t WANT an imbalanced relationship with these things so it’s easy to brush off. Feeling out of control increases fear and panic…which only compounds our drive to spark up another unrealistic diet to fix everything. If you are struggling, please know there is a way out. You can achieve freedom from chronic dieting and have a body you’re comfortable in at the same time.

There is hope!

You CAN break the off-on cycle…and still enjoy the foods you love. Joyously living your best life is not at war with eating amazingly delicious food.

It’s true:

1. The way we talk to ourselves and about ourselves is key to our success.

2. We have been conditioned to overeat and we can be conditioned not to.

3. The hormones that tell us when we’re hungry and full can be completely out of whack—with the right foods and a few simple habits this is totally reversible!

4. You can discover the magic of feeling energized and at home in your body. With a few new habits, a bit of practice and support—you can do it! We’ll make it fun!


Let’s raise the bar for you and your health to a new standard that’s higher BUT more achievable than ever before with fun, healthy habits!


You deserve better than short term results! You deserve a lasting, predictable, manageable approach to your mind and body that will allow excess weight to be released, energy restored and confidence through the roof. Are you ready to live the life you dream of?

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A bit about me:

The travel bug is in my veins...I spent 10 years flying the friendly skies as a Flight Attendant

My adventurer husband loves getting me out into nature which helps keep me grounded

My 9 month old baby boy is my biggest source of joy!

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I can’t imagine what my life would look like today without Evelyn. Working with her has opened my eyes to changes that I now rely on. I was always on restrictive diets before and now I have results without any of that. If you have weight to lose, don’t waste another second.


I am so grateful and my outlook is so much happier and stronger. I’m also 17 pounds lighter. Evelyn will get you there. It’s not a juice diet that’s going to fix things in a week and then gain it all back. It takes time but it is so worth it!


Evelyn is a pleasure to work with, she is knowledgeable, passionate and really cares about helping you meet your goals! She has the most loving heart, and is so comforting and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend her if you are considering your own healthy weight loss journey.


Evelyn is the dedicated, kind and supportive nutritionist that you need in your back pocket. With a focus on weight loss, her tactics are heart-centred and filled with self-love. Her nutrition programs are perfect for women who are truly ready.  


Evelyn is a compassionate and caring nutritionist who is truly vested in helping people heal at a deep level. She is non-judgmental and supportive. She goes the extra mile to listen to your concerns and ensure your needs are being met. I very much recommend working with Evelyn.


Working with Evelyn was really informative, helpful and comfortable. She provided methods that really worked for me and was always available to chat more and support me.


Before working with Evelyn, I thought that 'being healthy' meant making sacrifices in my food choices as well as my lifestyle choices. But what I learnt was that being healthier, having more energy, feeling more confident in my body, didn't mean having to give up the things that I loved. Evelyn showed me not only a wholistic (360 degree), manageable approach to a healthier life (and all the benefits that come with that), but that it could be enjoyable.


Evelyn Crawford has helped guide and given me the insight to improve my health as naturally as possible. Evelyn is patient, knowledgeable and has a nurturing quality that shows she really does care. So thankful for finding her!